About Us

Mission Statement:

Polizhed is a chic, Product Line & Natural Nail Studio with a contemporary style of expression. We inspire others to live beautifully by maintaining healthy nails and feet. We also encourage others to GO GREEN and own their natural self, while keeping our rates realistic and affordable.

About Us:

 Welcome nail aficionados! My name is Brittany Foster, owner of Polizhed Natural Nail Studio & Product Line. I’m frequently referred to as the Nail Diva within the industry, because of my fresh and innovative ideas. I originally founded the company in 2009, but didn't actually launch my upscale products and services, until 2011. After years of working with various products, I identified a need within the industry for a healthy nail care line. This prompted me to work arduously to create a naturally crafted, GREEN product, that’s safe for both clients, as well as the environment.
At Polizhed, we believe our products and services stand alone! As trendsetters, we aim to inspire women to embrace their natural beauty for the current age, and for generations to come. Your skin and nails are sure to feel good, look great and last longer. Come indulge yourself, and enjoy our healthy line of products, and first class service. You won’t be disappointed.
If you want to shine, stay Polizhed!